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LANSAS Products, Mfd. by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc. of Lodi, CA, U.S.A. has been making the most innovative, durable and easy to use Pipe Plugs and Pipeline Testing Equipment available for more than 65 years. Used in sanitary sewer, water and other pipe structures, LANSAS offers Single-Size and Multi-Size Pipe Plugs, Flow-Thru Plugs, Air Test Equipment, Manhole Vacuum Test Equipment, High Pressure Test Plugs, and Joint Test Equipment. As a Master Distributor for HURCO Technologies LANSAS can also offer, Deflection Gauges (mandrels), Hydrostatic High Pressure Test Pumps, Ventilation/Stringer Units with Rope Reels & Parachutes, Smoke Testing Equipment, and more.

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Manufactured by Vanderlans & Sons, INC

About Lansas Products

For over 65 years LANSAS Products, Manufactured by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc. has been making the most innovative, durable and easy to use Pipe Plugs and Pipeline Testing Equipment around the world.

During this time we’ve always strived to live by our motto of “Tomorrows Designs Today”, constantly improving designs and developing new products to make contractors jobs safer and easier. We will always provide the best equipment at a great value to ensure our customers continue to believe that LANSAS is “BETTER BY DESIGN” since 1955!

For use in sanitary sewer, water pipe and many other pipe structures, LANSAS can provide Pipe Plugs, Flow-Thru Plugs, complete SMART-BOX Testing Kits for Air Testing new sewer lines or Vacuum Testing Equipment for manholes and pipelines, and High Pressure Test Plugs for Hydrostatic Testing of force mains. We are also a Master Distributor for HURCO Technologies allowing us to offer, Deflection Gauges (Mandrels), Hydrostatic Test Pumps, Manhole Ventilation Units and Smoke Testing Equipment.

LANSAS has built and shipped custom products all over the world. Rubber components for water wells in Africa; High Pressure Joint Testers for use in Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe in Saudi Arabia; Slip-Fit Rubber Bladders for use in securing digital flow-meters in Belgium; Spray Nozzles for applying sprayed concrete; and another Spray Nozzle Hose Assembly for applying herbicidal foam for root control in pipelines. Whether we’re building Pipe Plugs from 3/4″ (19mm) to 96” (2400mm) with or without Flow-Thru pipe or hoses; Testing Equipment for Line Acceptance Testing on new sewer pipe; Joint Testers for pipe diameters exceeding 30 ft. or building the most intricate custom device, LANSAS can build a plug for you.

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