Old Faithful (Hydrostatic Test Pumps)

Hydrostatic testing insures the quality installation of new or repaired water mains and sewer force mains.

Like its namesake, the “Old Faithful™” line of hydrostatic test pumps are engineered for reliability and durability, with low cost maintenance and nearly “wear-free” operation:

  • Pumps can handle up to 10% chlorine solution.
  • Unique manifold system eliminates leak points and reduces the amount of work required to repair the pump or replace the diaphragms.
  • Bypass relief valve reduces risk of damaging pump.

Optional equipment includes a Pressure Washing Kit. The two diaphragm model offers a Float Controlled Water Reservoir that can be used instead of a barrel and allows attachment of a pressure water source. It can also be used to mix chlorine solutions.


Custom Designs Are Always™ Available!