Bag Plugs

∙ 2” – 96” Sizes Available
∙ Natural Rubber with poly cover Pipe Plugs (Nitrile available)
∙ Heat resistant materials available

Note: Expansion Pipe Plugs are less effective at higher limits of expansion than in the mid-range. Let us help in supplying the proper sizes for your requirements.

* FME—Foreign Materials Exclusion

Type Back Gas Gum Rubber w/ Polyester Cover
GBC102GBCN1022 Inch0.515 psi1.0 psi
GBC103GBCN1033 Inch0.515 psi1.0 psi
GBC104GBCN1044 Inch1.015 psi1.0 psi
GBC106GBCN1066 Inch1.215 psi1.0 psi
GBC108GBCN1088 Inch1.512 psi0.75 psi
GBC110GBCN11010 Inch2.010 psi0.75 psi
GBC112GBCN11212 Inch3.08 psi0.75 psi
GBC114GBCN11414 Inch4.06 psi0.5 psi
GBC116GBCN11616 Inch5.06 psi0.5 psi
GBC118GBCN11818 Inch6.05 psi0.5 psi
GBC120GBCN12020 Inch7.05 psi0.5 psi
GBC122GBCN12222 Inch7.23 psi0.5 psi
GBC124GBCN12424 Inch8.53 psi0.5 psi
GBC126GBCN12626 Inch9.03 psi0.25 psi
GBC128GBCN12828 Inch12.03 psi0.25 psi
GBC130GBCN13030 Inch19.03 psi0.25 psi
GBC132GBCN13232 Inch25.03 psi0.25 psi
GBC136GBCN13636 Inch32.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC142GBCN14242 Inch36.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC148GBCN14848 Inch43.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC154GBCN15454 Inch53.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC160GBCN16060 Inch68.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC166GBCN16666 Inch72.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC172GBCN17272 Inch83.01 psi0.25 psi
GBC178GBCN17878 Inch1 psi0.25 psi
GBC184GBCN18484 Inch1 psi0.25 psi
GBC190GBCN19090 Inch1 psi0.25 psi
GBC196GBCN19696 Inch1 psi0.25 psi



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