Cylindrical Stoppers

Cylindrical Stoppers are inflatable Pipe Plugs with a rugged waterproof cover that when inflated to the proper internal pressure can hold as much as 10 lbs. of pressure in the pipe. The broad central zone makes contact with the wall of the pipe and holds against higher pressures than other types of bag Pipe Plugs.

Cylindrical Stoppers should be inflated to the pressure indicated on the direction card fastened to each Pipe Plug or indicated in the table below. Use a gauge and monitor the inflation pressure. These inflation pressures leave a margin of safety. Cylindrical Stoppers when inflated according to these directions will hold against pipe pressures equal to 60% of the pressure in the bag. A 6” Stopper for example, when inflated properly to 15 psi, will hold back about 10 psi in the main.



Inflation Pressure
Tap Hole Size
ICS-022 Inch0.515 psi1″
ICS-033 Inch0.515 psi1″
ICS-044 Inch1.015 psi1-1/4″
ICS-055 Inch1.015 psi1-1/4″
ICS-066 Inch1.015 psi1-1/2″
ICS-088 Inch1.512 psi2″
ICS-1010 Inch2.08 psi2-1/2″
ICS-1212 Inch3.06 psi2-1/2″
ICS-1414 Inch4.06 psi3″
ICS-1515 Inch5.06 psi3″
ICS-1616 Inch6.06 psi3″
ICS-1818 Inch7.06 psi4″
ICS-2020 Inch7.06 psi4″
ICS-2222 Inch8.04 psi4″
ICS-2424 Inch10.03.5 psi4″
ICS-2626 Inch12.03 psi5″
ICS-3030 Inch16.03 psi5″
ICS-3232 Inch18.03 psi5″
ICS-3636 Inch26.03 psi5″
ICS-4242 Inch38.01 psi6″
5 line general illustration

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