Air Testing Equipment

Line Acceptance / Leak Locating Kit

These kits contain virtually all of the components necessary to get the job done. All that’s needed is your choice of Lansas test plugs. The two kits differ only in the hose reel. The hose reels each have 500′ of color-coded triple test hose, a three-way air swivel, and are mounted on a heavy-duty welded frame. The hose reel was shown, Part #465-500, is equipped with an air motor for turning the reel, lubrication system, and three-way control valve. Our other unit, Part #466-500, is equipped with a hand crank for turning the reel.

The Package contains the items in the photo, plus 460-500 Kit with manual hose reel and the 461-500 Kit with motorized hose reel.

Air Testing Accessories

The Line Acceptance Kit contains an air test control panel, 50′ triple hose, 20′ inflation line with gauge and a hand pump. Remember, Custom designs are always available!
Vacuum Testing Equipment
Vacuum Testing Equipment

“Smart Box” Line Acceptance Kit

Each Smart Box Line Acceptance Kit contains an air test panel, your choice of test plugs, 50′ triple hose, 30′ inflation line with gauge and a hand pump; all contained in a heavy duty plastic box.

Package Options:

#453-08 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8″ Single Size Plugs
Includes one 035-08 SSB plug and one 025-08 SST plug

#453-610 . . . . . 6″ x10″ Multi-Size Domehead Plugs
Includes one 050-610 plug and one 051-610 plug

#453-812 . . . . . . 8″x12″ Multi-Size Domhead Plugs
Includes one 050-812 plug and one 051-812 plug

Air Testing Trailer Unit

At Lansas, Our Air Test Trailer is built using a Well Cargo Brand Trailer.

Our standard unit is 6′ x 8′ and comes complete with:
• A 500′ triple hose reel with an air motor drive,
• An electric start Honda motor on a 19 cfm air compressor,
• An air test panel; and
• 50′ of triple test hose.

Air test trailers can be custom built as desired. We’ve made them as long as 16′ with 80 cfm compressors, generators and vacuum pumps. Contact Lansas for more details.

Vacuum Testing Equipment

Custom Designs Are Always™ Available!